Learning About Yourself

  • Overview
  • User Name and Password Documentation
  • Self-Awareness
      Self-Esteem Is All About R-E-S-P-E-C-T Emotions Can Get In The Way
  • Define Your Values
      The Values Continuum
  • Emotional Triggers And Situations
      Managing Stress, Solving Problems
  • How Do You Make Decisions?
      Five Steps To Better Decisions Try Out the Five Steps
  • Your Attitude Is Showing
      Optimists and Pessimists Video: Can You Feel It?

Work Readiness

  • Overview
  • The WRC Tests
  • What is the Work Readiness Credential?
  • Which Skills are Tested?
  • Why Should I Take the WRC Tests?
  • Pre-Assessment Of Work Readiness Skills

You Have the Solution!

  • Overview
  • Active Listening
      How To Be A Great Listener Active Listening Tips Watch the Video
  • Receiving Feedback
      How To Give Good Feedback And Handle Bad The Feedback Game Videos
  • Conflict Resolution
      Stop and Cool Off Talking & Listening Solving Problems
  • Using Strategies To Solve Problems
  • Time Management
      Time Management Handout Tips for Managing Time

Personal Branding

  • Overview
  • Creating “Company Me, Inc.”
      Turn Your Core Gift into a Brand
  • Perfecting a 30-Second Elevator Pitch
      Creating a 30-Second Elevator Pitch Good And Bad Elevator Pitches
  • How You Present Yourself on “Paper”
      How To Write A Resume Get Good References Taryk Coleman’s Portfolio
  • How To Fill Out A Job Application
      What You Need To Apply For A Job Online Downloadable Handout: Job Interview Roleplay How To Write A Cover Letter How To Write A Thank-You Note
  • First Impressions In Person
      How To Make A Good First Impression During the Job Interview Video: How To Introduce Yourself On A Job Interview What to Wear What to Bring What Not To Do Simple Rules for Interviews Video: Body Language Says Alot

Post-Secondary Pathways

  • Overview
  • Career Exploration
  • Your Personal Essay
      What to Write About
  • Who is Going to Pay for This?
      The FAFSA
  • Understanding the SATs
      PSATs SAT FAQs What to Bring on Test Day
  • College Search
      7 Quick Tips for Making the Most of a College Visit
  • Step By Step Guide To College
  • Having The Proper Identification

Creating Networks of Support

  • Overview
  • Starting Conversations
      How To Hold A Conversation When You Have Nothing To Talk About Conversations: What Not To Do A List of Great Open-Ended Questions
  • How To Network
      Thoughts about How to Make Networking Work for You! Practice Networking How To Do An Informational Interview Practice an Informational Interview
  • Find Someone To Mentor You
      Exercise: Who Can Mentor Or Coach Me?
  • Permanency Pacts
      What Is A Permanency Pact? Complete A Permanency Pact Process


  • Overview
  • Recognizing Resilience
  • Resilience Facts
  • The Seven Cs of Resilience
      Focusing on Your Strengths: Debrief
  • Building Your Resilience “Muscles”
  • Creating Your Resilience Blueprint
  • Tying It All Together

Up the Ladder

  • Overview
  • Setting the Stage for Career Advancement
      Defining Values Exploring Your Interests
  • Am I Ready to Advance?
      Turning Confidence into Career Advancement
  • Where Should I Go with My Career?
      Functional Skills Specialist Skills Self-management Skills Matching Your Skills with the Right Career Creating a Career Ladder What If You Don’t Want to Choose a Single Career? Creating the Expanded Resume Building Company Me: Branding 2.0
  • Stepping onto the Career Ladder
  • Resources for Advancement
      Lifelong Learning and “Stackable” Credentials Looking at Resources in Your Community In-person and Virtual Networking