You Have the Solution


In this module we will take a close look at all of the skills you possess—many you may not even know you have!  You have more abilities than you probably realize, abilities that can help you break down what seems to be an insurmountable problem into manageable pieces that you can handle. You have the solution!
This module will help you simplify finding the answers to life’s situations. It will help you to clearly state what the problem is, and then identify the skills that you have, or that you can get access to, to solve that problem.
You will learn to be an active listener, to resolve conflict, to negotiate a solution, to communicate effectively and to use math to help you solve more problems than you might imagine.

You will gain a new appreciation for the skills you already have, and a clearer understanding of the skills you need to improve. You’ll also learn how to work with others cooperatively and with respect.