National Work Readiness Credential


The Work Readiness Credential (WRC), established by the National Work Readiness Council, is a recognized, national standard that certifies that an individual is ready for an entry level job. It is not meant to replace high school or higher education, but rather to show employers that prospective workers have the skills they need to succeed in entry-level employment.

The information that you need to take the test is woven through all six Get Ready!™ modules. Skills like active listening, problem solving, conflict resolution and responsibility, as well as the ability to use basic math to solve problems.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all these skills mastered yet. You will take a pre-test for the WRC first, which will help us to help see which skills we need to work on most. Our job is to help you succeed!

The WRC test will be given on a computer. You will listen to questions and then pick the best answer from among several possibilities. Let's review the Word Readiness Credential Candidate Handbook and read about the testing process. Then you'll take a sample test.